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26. SEP - 02. OCT 2021

with Anne and Karin

Yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and massages, located directly on the turquoise blue sea, in a residential park immersed into untouched nature on the north coast of Sardinia.
Enjoy soothing silence during your retreat and relax in the original healing natural way of AyurYoga.

​Karin is trained in AyurYoga and offers a healing and relaxing yoga sequence with a lot of experience. For more information visit Karin Bächle website

During the afternoons, you will learn about the art of touch, giving and receiving a small Thai Massage every day. Thai Massage allows you to bring consciousness into fascia and deeper tissues, which will improve your yoga practice. 

Anne will lead you through simple Thai massage sequences. This way you can give and receive a healing massage each day which is thematically connected to the morning yoga classes.

The Thai Massages are received in yoga clothes and no oil is used.


Anne was trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Thai massage masters such as Ajarn Sinchai, Lek Chayia, Pi Jem, and Pijat. She has been giving Thai massages for more than 10 years and teaching it since 2010. She’s also trained as a Yoga and a Shiatsu therapist.


Sunday 26th Sep

3.30pm Check in

6pm Dinner Buffet

Walk together at the sea to get to know each other


Monday 27th Sep to Friday 1st Oct*

8:30-10:30am Yoga Class

11am Brunch Buffet

Free time

4-5.45pm Thai Massage Class

6 or 7pm Dinner Buffet

Evening activities** (yoga nidra, restorative yoga, meditation, etc…)


Saturday 2nd Oct

7-8:30am Yoga Class

9am Breakfast

10am Check out


* On the Thursday, we will have an excursion to Santa Teresa and Capo Testa. The yoga class and the brunch will  be earlier on that day and there won’t be a Thai massage class.

** on most evenings

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